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We receive numerous letters and emails every month telling of how God uses The Hour to touch countless lives. Our ability to reach so many is due to the generous support from our viewers. We simply cannot survive without help your help.  In fact, 90% of our budget comes from viewers like you.  Only 10% of our budget comes from apportionments from the Mississippi Annual Conference.


You absolutely can make a difference.  We not only bring the Good News in an encouraging way to a hurting world, we also feature how God is working through OTHER ministries, thereby expanding their



Won't you help so that we can continue?  


We've made every effort to remain faithful stewards of your gifts.  Please prayerfully consider clicking above to give.  Another way to ensure the long-term life of this organization is to remember The Hour in your estate planning.  You can help us for years to come.  Please call 601.467.2038 for more information and help on including the ministry of the Hour in your plans.



The Hour

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This ministry is truly making a difference in countless lives.  

We take this mission seriously and would love for you to partner with us. The Hour has a number of giving opportunities available for those who would like to partner with us in ministry.


General Fund - Unrestricted funds received to this fund are used for general budget expenses of operating the ministry. These can include staff salaries, utilities, and maintenance.


Memorial and Honor Gifts - The Hour has a system by which every gift that is given as a memorial or in honor of someone, is immediately acknowledged to the family of the deceased or to the person being honored. These funds are unrestricted.


Supporting Gifts - These funds are used for building maintenance and improvements.Endowment Fund - These contributions are restricted for permanent investment. The Hour receives the benefit of annual interest from the balance of this fund.


Ministry Resources - Links to previous programs or dvds are available upon request.



Any contribution can be designated for a specific purpose and is then held for that purpose only. Possibilities for designated giving include, but are not limited to:  


* Production or other equipment needs  

* Television station underwriting  

* Webcasting  

* Prayer Ministry  

* Other specific ministries



Tax deductible support can also be extended through gifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds), property, life insurance assignments such as cash values or dividends, life insurance beneficiary designations, pensions, ira’s, and other retirement funds (including cd’s and savings accounts.) Charitable bequests are deductible for estate tax purposes. An immediate gift for The United Methodist Hour through a living trust (Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust) can also mean an income for the giver for life or for a specific number of years. This gives the contributor an immediate tax deduction and avoids possible capital gains taxes. A revocable living trust is a gift that you can take back if the need arises. A charitable lead trust provides for the ministry of The United Methodist Hour for a term of years and then the property reverts to the giver and heirs.Financial InformationUnited Methodist Hour funds are invested with The Mississippi Methodist Foundation in Jackson, MS. Methodist Foundation investments include funds that are permanently restricted in an endowment account and other temporarily restricted funds for specific purposes designated by the contributors. unrestricted funds are held in foundation accounts and with local banks. Generally accepted accounting principals are utilized to account for all funds.


A complete audit is conducted annually by certified public accounts and a compilation is performed by accountants in June. These reports, along with other detailed reports are shared with the board of directors at meetings twice per year and at intervals throughout the year. Staff persons given the task of accounting for United Methodist Hour funds have years of experience in non-profit accounting. Contributors receive a detailed report of their giving at the end of the month in which their gift is received. Also, yearly statements of giving are sent so that givers may be prepared for income tax reporting. Contributors of material items are also given a contributor tax letter to be used when reporting gifts to the irs.


The United Methodist Hour is a 501(c)(3) organization. As an agency of The United Methodist Church, The United Methodist Hour is required to submit an annual audit to the Council on Finance and Administration of The United Methodist Church. Annual reports are available upon request.