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This Lenten devotional explores the down to earth journey towards Easter through the teachings of Jesus. Christ's parables were practical stories of real life. He taught on hillsides and did miracles with mud. His followers were the poor and lepers. His life was taken when he was beaten to a bloody pulp and crucified like some common criminal. He was placed in the very earth he made. And then…He came back down to earth. These 40 days of devotionals are designed to help you fall more deeply in love with the God that made you and wants you to have life here and into forever. The devotionals are supplemented with journal questions, prayer prompts and beautiful photographs by Anthony Thaxton.
Down To Earth: A 40 Day Lenten Devotional
Here’s the story of a young man courting a beautiful young lady. He wooed her the only way he knew. . . through his art. Amy and Anthony were both teachers. Their schools were three hours apart. But they were as close as the next letter.
Love Letters: An Illustrated Courtship
Author Keith Tonkel explores families, adoption and being chosen in this delightful and meaningful children's book. Also included are beautiful illustrations by Kit Fields.
Red Door, Green Door
Twenty-seven award-winning short stories are included in this handsome anthology representing the first place fiction winner from each of the twenty-seven years of the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. The stories give a diverse look at what it means to be a southerner. Complete with an introduction by Emma Richardson, the faculty advisor for Southern Voices magazine since it's inception, this work is a delightful collection of great writing from young Mississippi writers.
Southern Voices: Stories: The Complete Collection of First Place Fiction from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science
Award-winning artist Anthony Thaxton invites you to experience his Stations of the Cross. These works are a series of textured representations that depict the story of the crucifixion of Christ. Complete with the Gospel texts and a poignant foreword by Shane Stanford, this beautiful gift book is a journey through the passion.
Stations of the Cross
This book is a support group for recovery from sin. In SINNERS ANONYMOUS, Shane Stanford explores what are know as the 7 Deadly Sins: anger, sloth, lust, envy, pride, gluttony and greed. This book is not merely an opportunity to dwell on what is wrong with us. Because of who our God is and what He has done for us in Jesus, every one of these lessons is an opportunity to discover that where we have gotten it wrong. . . Christ has gotten it right.
Sinners Anonymous: Recovery from the Seven Deadly Sins
Award-winning artist Anthony Thaxton captures the beauty of the Gulf of Mexico in this stunning book of photographs pre-dating the BP oil disaster. Complete with prayers from best-selling author Shane Stanford, The Gulf is a must-have for those who love that region.
The Gulf: Prayers and Photographs